Discover the Beautiful North of Lanzarote with rent a car Autos Cabrera

Lanzarote is renowned for its incredible beaches, amazing warm, sunny climate, and unique volcanic landscape. This is the image of the island that most people are familiar with, especially for the majority of tourists who come and stay for a week or two in the main tourist resorts. You can easily spend a week relaxing by the pool, or lounging on the beach in Puerto Del Carmen, Playa Blanca or Costa Teguise, and for many this is the perfect antidote to the stresses of “normal life.” If you are staying for a bit longer or are looking for more adventure though, a perfect way to do this is by renting a car!


Autos Cabrera’s car in Haría

The island is relatively small, and you can drive from the far North to far South in under two hours. For such a small island though, you would be amazed by the contrasts you can find here. The majority of the resorts are in the South of the island where you will find the more tourist friendly beaches. Here you will find convenient and regular public transport links. We were lucky enough to be able to be given a car from Autos Cabrera car rental company for the weekend though, so decided to explore the more remote north.

As we drove north from Costa Teguise, the transformation of the island was incredible! This is a side to Lanzarote that many people will never see. Due to heavy rainfall about a month ago, much of the island, but especially the north, has changed dramatically from a barren landscape to a verdant green. Although the unique volcanic landscape of the island is amazing, it does look even more beautiful when it comes to life.


The beautiful green Lanzarote

We stopped at Haria to take some photos, and marvel at the change! There is now actual green grass covering many of the fields and hills. We literally had to lie down in the grass just to be sure we weren’t imagining it! There are bushes and trees interspersed making it look even more amazing. Around this area there are hundreds of palm trees too which really help you to remember that despite the grass this is definitely not the UK!

We had decided that it was a good idea to check out the Mirador Del Río viewing gallery, designed by the brilliant artist and architect César Manrique. This is located in the far north‐ west of the island and offers incredible views across to the small neighbouring island of La Graciosa. It is well worth the entrance fee (Under 4€ for tourists or 1€ for residents!). Inside there is a restaurant/cafe where you can sit and enjoy the view through a huge window. We decided to step outside onto the massive balcony which looks straight down the cliff. Be warned though, this can induce slight vertigo!


Amazing views

The vista is breathtaking and one of the best views on Lanzarote. We had arrived at a good time as well as it was about half an hour from sunset, and wow, what a sunset! This was one of the best we had seen and from such an amazing place. Rays of light shone through the clouds giving the impression of light shining down from heaven. There was a large group of people there, and like us they were all mesmerised. Of course everyone was taking photos and videos as well, to show friends and family back home. It is moments like that, that really make us feel blessed to be here in Lanzarote!

After this incredible light show ended we drove back via the old capital city of Teguise to catch the end of the Saborea Lanzarote food tasting festival. This was a massive weekend long festival that happens every year on the island. Restaurants, cafes and independent food stores and market stall owners each have a stall and sell tapas and drinks for 1 euro each (or 2 euro for the more elaborate items). This is a perfect way to sample the delicious food that exists here on the island and its hugely popular with residents and tourists alike. Thousands of people attend this event every year which is excellently organised and much loved.


Haría, in the north of the island

We sampled some of the tapas including sweet potato fries, mexican wraps, and gofio desert. We decided these would be a good starter before heading to La Cantina restaurant, also in Teguise. This is one of the most popular restaurants on the island with delicious food and a great atmosphere. Almost all the tables were full but we were lucky enough to get a table just as we arrived. The aubergine bake was excellent!

La Cantina have also been kind enough to sponsor the Lanzarote International Marathon so it was good to see posters and flyers for this within the restaurant. To top it all off, after we had eaten there was live music and a DJ set in the restaurant’s “Secret Garden”. Everyone was having a great time dancing the night away. This was a fantastic end to a brilliant day!


A perfect end for a perfect day

Once again a big thanks to Autos Cabrera for letting us use one of their comfortable, and easy to drive cars. The route that we took is one we would 100% recommend, especially the Mirador Del Río tourist attraction. You can rent a car from Autos Cabrera within Sands Beach Resort hotel in Costa Teguise. You can view their range of cars here on their website:

This article was written by Travel Writer and Photographer Simon Turkas who is living in Lanzarote.

You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and his Blog for more of his travel writing and photography.

Welcome to the Brand New Sands Beach Resort Website!

Sands Beach Resort is one of the top rated hotels in Lanzarote which is a fantastic achievement considering the strong competition, and that there are over 200 different hotels and apartment complexes on this small island. At the resort though we are always looking at ways to improve and become better for our future guests. We do not rest on our past or present success and always strive for excellent customer service, top class amenities, and to provide the best possible stay. While perfection may not be possible, we are always aiming to progress!

Part of providing excellent customer service is through the implementation of an attractive, user friendly, and fast website, that is optimized for both desktop, tablet and mobile devices. That is why we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Sands Beach Resort website. This is part of our overall mission to become the leader in digital content in Lanzarote and The Canary Islands for hotels. Our digital marketing strategy has already been mentioned internationally on how hotels should market themselves, but we believe we can become even better.

The design of our website has been significantly changed with improved ease of use, especially for mobile devices where a rapidly growing amount of our web traffic now comes from. The new website has been designed by the web design company BookingSuite who we are now working with, and we are extremely pleased with the improvements they have implemented. One of the most important changes is the speedier booking engine run by that has been added to the site. This will greatly improve the booking experience of our new guests by making it much easier for guests to book direct and also via mobile. We have employed a new copywriter to add, rewrite and update the text. A professional photographer has also visited us from the UK and taken all new photos to compliment this the new text.

Whether you have used our site before, or it is completely new to you, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on our new website. Your suggestions are something at Sands Beach Resort we always happily welcome, as it helps us to continue to improve. One of the ways you can let us know what you think is to leave a comment below. We also welcome you to connect with us on our social media channels, as this is another great way to interact with our staff and to keep up to date with the latest developments at Sands Beach Resort. We love seeing all your instagram photos, tweets, and Facebook posts, and our team will respond to your social media comments as quickly as possible.

Connect with us on our social media channels here:

We hope you like our new website, and look forward to welcoming you on your arrival here at Sands Beach Resort!

Congratulations to our #MYSANDSBEACH Photography Competition Winner for October, Idoia!

Congratulations to I d o i a N, whose photo we have selected as Octobers’s winning photo for our #MYSANDSBEACH photography competition. This was the second month for this competition, and we have already received a number of different photos on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #MYSANDSBEACH.
Do you have any holiday photo’s taken after September 2015 then add the #MySandsBeach hashtag to them and they will be automatically entered into the competition.

Captura de pantalla 2015-12-02 a las 11.37.09

For more information about the competition, just click in this link


Superior Health Care on Your Holiday at Hospiten Hospital in Puerto del Carmen

Many people don’t fully appreciate how lucky they are in the UK with the NHS which offers excellent universal healthcare to anyone, whether British or foreign, for free! If you’ve ever been somewhere like the USA, in which all healthcare is private you will appreciate what a luxury this is. While the situation is not anywhere as extreme as in the US, many people wrongly assume that within the European Union they will receive the same level of treatment as back in the UK for free or for minimal cost and this is simply not true. Healthcare is not standardised across the EU, so when you visit Spanish owned Lanzarote on holiday there is a different system to the NHS. While there is public healthcare, it is not of the same quality as that offered by the NHS. Private health care, especially private dental care is favoured by many people, and this type of healthcare is far more common.

Lanzarote has several hospitals but for the level of personalised care, Hospiten private hospital in Puerto del Carmen is one of the best on the island. If you visit one of the public hospitals such as the main hospital in Arrecife not only will you be required to show your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to be able to receive certain types of treatment for free, but also more than likely be able to speak Spanish. There are few translation services available in the public hospitals. There are also restrictions on which treatments you are able to get for free with your EHIC which includes any dental treatment outside of an emergency, and any type of private treatment.


The entrance to Hospiten, in Puerto del Carmen

Hospiten in Lanzarote is part of a group of 16 private hospitals which originated in Tenerife, with approximately 5000 staff. There are many personalised services here which you will not find in other hospitals. There are specialist translators onsite who can speak a variety of languages including English and German to help with explaining treatment needs, issues with insurance papers, and prescription requirements. This kind of service makes a big difference when you are faced with going to a foreign hospital which can often be intimidating. The atmosphere in Hospiten though is friendly, welcoming and very safe. There is a helicopter pad for any emergency situations in which a patient needs to be airlifted to the main hospital in Gran Canaria. A free phone service exists in which doctors from other clinics who are contracted by Hospiten will come and treat you directly in your hotel if needed.


There is a big parking in front of the hospital

The hospital itself is immaculately clean, has excellent facilities and is very modern. If you stay overnight there are private double rooms with two beds. You are almost guaranteed to have a room to yourself, but the extra bed in the room means that family members can stay with you. Each room also has a private bathroom, free wifi, satellite television, slippers, and a toiletries bag. For your meals you have a choice of three different options for both the first and second courses. A variety of different treatment areas exist in the hospital such as a private dental facility, x-ray area with a modern CT scanner, and rehabilitation centre. There are comfortable patient waiting areas with televisions, free wifi and magazines, and a new children’s area with toys to keep the kids entertained. The hospital is set in a beautiful location just outside of Puerto del Carmen next to the golf course, with wonderful sea views.


The views to the golf courses

It is important to remember when you take out health insurance when you are travelling abroad to check the small print and full details. Just because you have taken out private health insurance this doesn’t necessarily mean you are able to use the services of a private hospital such as Hospiten. This often just means that the health insurance is “private” to you. When you take out health insurance such as travel insurance you must specify when you are filling in the online forms that you wish to be able to get treatment at a private hospital. You will then be able to use the excellent treatment offered by Hospiten if necessary without incurring large costs!

If you would like to find out more information about Hospiten Lanzarote such as location and contact details then click here to reach their website.


New Sands Beach Resort Promotional Video Filmed by International Filmmaker Mark Fountain

At Sands Beach Resort we are always looking at newer and improved ways to connect with our regular guests, and potential future customers. One of the best ways to do that is through the web and social media. As mentioned in a previous blog post, our website had begun to look a little dated so we decided it needed a total redesign. This includes a far more responsive, easier to use design that includes a booking system that fully incorporates mobile booking. In addition to this there is completely rewritten text, new high quality photos and added information and sections. Video is also a massive part of building a recognised brand these days, and we decided it was definitely time for a new promotional video to really relay to viewers how great Sands Beach Resort is!


Mark Fountain with open water swimmers

Mark Fountain is a professional freelance videographer, photographer and editor from Essex, UK who runs his own company called Fountain Fotos. Mark has worked on many occasions for Sands Beach Resort taking high quality photographs and fantastic films which really showcase what the hotel has to offer. He has been in this business for many years and has extensive experience of working with a variety of different clients both in the UK and abroad. His work really speaks for itself, but Mark is also a friendly, outgoing and positive individual with a huge amount of talent. It is clear that he loves his job and puts maximum effort into all of his projects.

His work ethic and professionalism has clearly been evident while he has been shooting different scenes at the hotel this week. His easy going and positive personality has really allowed him to get the best out of guests and staff that have appeared in different scenes. These scenes have included athletes shopping in our Sailfish Test Centre Shop, guests checking into the hotel, an open water swimming session, families enjoying the private beach, beach volleyball, tennis, couples sipping cocktails, and our much loved Buddy’s club by the Mai Tai pool.


Aquagym in Mai Tai pool

We believe that this new film shot by Mark will really showcase what an amazing place to stay that Sands Beach Resort is. As the film will show the hotel is perfect for families with kids, couples on a romantic break, groups of friends, and amatuer and professional athletes. Within Lanzarote there is also a growing trend towards active families, and guests getting active on their holidays. Sands Beach Resort is perfectly positioned to provide for these families and guests with the excellent fitness facilities and classes that we have available. One of the aims we had for our new video is to show this active side of the hotel which is fast becoming one of our biggest selling points. At Sands Beach Resort we can offer guests a variety of different classes and activities including: Water Zumba, Pilates, Fitball, organised morning runs, open water swimming, and more!

The film will look great as it is being shot in Full HD to really do the beautiful weather and location of Lanzarote full justice. Our guests have been very excited to appear in the film which will be released as soon as possible. It will reach a huge audience as we will be posting it on our new website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and email newsletter. It will also be shared extensively on our other social media channels such as Twitter and Google Plus. Those in this video can definitely look forward to gaining some fame!


Training in our 25m swimming pool

We highly recommend Mark’s amazing filmmaking and photography. You can check out his portfolio on his website: Here you will also be able to find links to all his social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. We really hope you enjoy watching the making off and this film as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!

Get Ready to Enjoy the “I Love la Graciosa” Catamaran Excursion!

Once again we were blessed with the weather for our second Catamaran excursion in a week. There was virtually no wind, and the sea was very calm along the coast of Costa Teguise. The only slight downside was the calima that is present at the moment in Lanzarote. This is a hot, dusty wind that blows across the Canary Islands from time-to-time. At the moment this wind is not strong at all, but the dust meant that the sky wasn’t the usual brilliant blue that we love here in Lanzarote. This didn’t detract much though as the weather was still warm and sunny.

Our bus was there promptly at 09.50 from the entrance of Sands Beach Resort.  The bus was almost completely full so clearly this is a very popular excursion! We were the last pick-up, so we went straight to Órzola, the small port town in the north-east. The drive was smooth and quiet, as the north is more sparsely populated than the south, where the majority of Lanzarote’s population lives. As the bus drove to Órzola though we passed the lovely seaside towns of Arrieta and Punta Mujeres, the world famous tourist attractions of Jameos del Agua and Cueva de los Verdes, and the beautiful white sands of Caleta del Mojón Blanco, and Caletón Blanco. The beach at Caletón Blanco in particular is sublime and well worth a visit. There are inlets of shallow water created by the black volcanic lava which contrasts amazingly with the azul water and white sand.


The catamaran

After the half an hour bus ride we arrived at Órzola with a little time to take a few photos, and then boarded the ferry. This set off from the port at 11:00 and we sailed up the North of the island taking in the amazing cliff views. Sometimes the sea here can be quite rough, when it is windy and the waves are strong, but on this occasion it was very calm so the boat travelled very smoothly. We reached Punta Fariones, the most northerly point of the island, and headed round the other side of the island into a stretch of water known as El Río (the river). This stretch of water separates Lanzarote and La Graciosa, and is only around 25 metres deep. We learned that the two islands were actually once connected. Due to its shallow depth the water is very clear and a beautiful shade of azul.

The particular day of our excursion there was an exciting annual event happening in which around 2,000 brave people were set to swim across El Rio from an isolated beach at the bottom of the cliffs of Lanzarote across to La Graciosa. First of all though there was a party going on to celebrate this with the swimmers and locals, in the port town of Caleta del Sebo, the main town of La Graciosa. Our ferry arrived at the port and we could immediately hear the music, and feel the party atmosphere. Everyone was in a great mood and getting ready for their swim. We went for a little wander around the town though, to see how the locals live. Being on the island is like stepping back in time as there are no tarmacked streets, just sandy tracks. The only cars on the island are Land Rover Defenders, used for transporting the tourists to the beaches. If you are looking for a place to chill your mind and de-stress, then la Graciosa is definitely the place for you!


Risco de Famara

After about an hour of exploration, it was time to board the luxurious Princess Cat, one of the largest commercial catamarans in Europe! Once everyone was on board it was quickly time to set sail. We were greeted with a delicious mojito and Spanish tortilla with bread which was a nice touch. Soon after we left the port, we stopped for a short moment to watch the start of the swim, as the swimmers had been taken from La Graciosa to Lanzarote by boat in order to swim back. The distance between the islands is not far, but for those of us who do not swim regularly it was still impressive to see!

We continued around the coast of La Graciosa to take in the sights of the amazing Montaña Amarilla (Yellow Mountain), one of the youngest volcanoes on the island. Even if it wasn’t the brightest of days due to the Calima, the mountain still stood out a bright yellow. We learned that it owes its distinctive colour to the sulphur from past eruptions. Directly next to this mountain is a beautiful sandy beach called Playa Cocina which literally means kitchen beach. It is so called because during the summer months so many people come here to have bbqs. We sailed very close to the mountain and beach for some fantastic photo opportunities, then continued a little further back towards the port, to stop at Playa Francesa (French beach). This is a gorgeous place to visit, as the sand is golden yellow, and the water so crystal clear. The fish can clearly be seen swimming around beneath the surface.


Streets in La Graciosa

We were given the option to either swim to the beach, or be transported there by small boat. The distance wasn’t far and the swim was very inviting with the heat of the day. The water was beautifully calm and resembled a giant swimming pool, perfect for a swim to the shore. Once on shore we lay out our towels on the beach and sunbathed for a while. We were told we had a couple of hours at the beach of free time to do what we wanted, and we would all be called at 3pm for our lunch on the Catamaran. It was good to be able to choose what we wanted to do, as it allowed us more freedom. There were lots of different options to keep everyone entertained including kayaks, snorkelling equipment, and even an inflatable water trampoline!

We opted for the kayaks first which were great fun. Playa Francesa is also the perfect location for this because of the crystal clear and completely still currentless water. We were able to cruise around looking down at the amazing array of colorful fish swimming meters beneath us. It was like being at a giant natural aquarium! We had our trusty TomTom waterproof camcorder so shot some cool videos and photos to capture the moment. We had a good 15 minutes on the kayaks before it was time for someone else’s turn. It was not only good fun but also good exercise because you can really feel your arms working.


Caleta de Sebo in La Graciosa

Once back on shore we grabbed some snorkel equipment and headed back to the water to swim around and capture some underwater visual vibes. The fish seemed almost completely unfazed by us and swam freely around our feet. There were fish of many different colours and sizes; it was a tropical paradise of aquatic life. We swam around following them with the TomTom just to get a glimpse of this alien life beneath the waves. While videos can never truly reproduce what it is like to be there, it will at least offer you an impression of what to expect when you take this excursion.

We exhausted ourselves swimming around, so it was definitely time for a bit of sunbathing back on the beach. The water trampoline looked like a lot of fun and lots of the others were using it but we preferred a little bit of beach bliss, watching the world go by. When the bell was rang for lunchtime, we honestly didn’t want to leave the beauty of that beach, although we were also looking forward to paella!


Montaña Amarilla

We took the small boat back to the Catamaran, grabbed a plate full of freshly prepared seafood paella and an ice cold beer, and settled down for lunch. We were feeling ravenous so the generous portion size was perfect. We enjoyed several more ice cold beers on the trip back too; it was the weekend after all!

Overall the day had been a great experience, with the right mix of relaxation, delicious food and drink, sightseeing and fun in the sun. We had an unexpected surprise at the end though which was the icing on the cake! The crew announced that they liked to arrive back at port in a party mood, and that they wanted us to all join in! They started the music and some of the crew came out dressed in wigs and outfits. They were dancing and drumming in the middle of the boat and some of the passengers got up to dance. Most people naturally looked a little shy to dance at first. This wasn’t a problem though, as the crew began dancing around the boat and getting more people to join in. The alcohol definitely helped overcome most people’s nerves and while not everybody joined in, most people got up for this impromptu dance. It was great fun and put a big smile on everyone’s faces.


Goodbye La Graciosa. See you next time!

The mood on arrival was great and this excursion is sure to get a lot of recommendations to friends and family. As we swapped to the ferry for the ride back to Lanzarote, the crew on the catamaran continued to dance and waved us off as we left. They were all really friendly and many of them were bilingual or polyglots which is very professional for these tourist excursions. Once again the sailing was smooth and the water calm, as we passed the amazing Lanzarote coastline on our way back to Orzola. Back on shore our buses were waiting for us, and we were driven back to Sands Beach Resort. We arrived satisfied with great memories.

ºIf you would like to book a place on this brilliant excursion then head over to the Out & About Lanzarote website > You can also follow Líneas Marítima Romero on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to all the crew for your friendliness and hard work!

Stunning Sailing Excursion aboard the Catlanza Catamaran!

We  couldn’t  have  asked  for  more  perfect  conditions  for  our  sailing  excursion  aboard  the Catlanza  catamaran. As we arrived for our 8:30am pick­up from the bus  stop  close to Sands Beach Resort, the  sun was already beaming down and the  sky a brilliant  cloudless blue. We were also very lucky too as there was virtually no wind which hopefully meant no big stomach churning waves! Our bus was prompt and the driver friendly. There were several stops made to pick up passengers in Costa Teguise and Puerto del Carmen for both the Catlanza sailing trip, and the Submarine Safari as both are based in Puerto Calero.



As we arrived at the stunning port town of Puerto Calero, we were wowed as always by all the beautiful yachts moored there. They were picture perfect with the clear blue sky, and sparkling water of the port. We headed to the end of the port where the Catlanza catamaran was moored and listened to a few instructions from one of the friendly crew before we boarded.

Once on board we had our photo taken, and then we all sat down to listen to some safety instructions, and what to expect from the excursion. A nice touch was that these instructions were given in various languages such as English, German and French. Lanzarote has tourists from all over the world, so it is unrealistic to expect them all to understand English. It is always great when tourist excursions can accommodate the many non-English speaking visitors to the island. It certainly adds an extra level of professionalism and a more personal touch!

After this we were off, sailing out of the port and on our way to our destination of Papagayo beach near Playa Blanca, in the South-West of the island. There was still very little wind, so the water looked more like a giant swimming pool, as it was so still and calm. If you ever suffer from sea-sickness then hopefully you can sail on a day like this if you choose to take the excursion. The catamaran glided smoothly through the water, and everyone was having a great time. The particular excursion we took was the Gold Family Excursion which offers a fun filled day for all the family. On-board two of the crew are dressed as pirates, and keep the kids entertained with face painting, temporary tattoos and friendly interaction.



While the kids are kept entertained, the adults are able to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful sailing experience along the coast of Lanzarote. There is a wide selection of drinks included in the price of the trip including soft drinks, water, fruit juices, beer, wine, and the infamous Catlanza cocktail which apparently is quite strong. Of course we were there professionally so opted for soft drinks, even though a cold beer or cocktail was tempting!

After about half an hour of smooth, relaxed sailing we arrived off the coast of one of the picturesque Papagayo beaches, where the crew dropped anchor. Once there we were given a few more safety instructions, regarding swimming and the jet-ski which everyone was able to take a turn on. The water was so clear, that even before we entered the water we could see the fish all around the boat. It was an amazing sight to see, and a real indicator of how clean the waters around Lanzarote are. We quickly jumped into the water for a swim, and while it was cold at first it was really refreshing and got warmer as we swam. There were snorkels available for everyone’s use; perfect for experiencing the beauty beneath the waves! From the boat the fish were impressive, but under the water it was literally like entering another world! The size, number and variety of the fish swimming centimetres from our fingertips was incredible. Luckily we had brought along our underwater TomTom video camera to capture all the action in awesome wide angle clarity!






Once we had tired ourselves out from diving off the boat, swimming around, and filming fish, it was time for some lunch. Of course we weren’t expecting five star gourmet food, but we were pleasantly surprised by the quality on offer. There was pasta al dente with either a tuna or vegetable tomato sauce, baguette bread, and healthy salad. It was all very tasty, and seconds were available if anyone was extra hungry. Once again there were as many drinks as you wanted, so everyone was well catered for.

Once we had let the food settle in our stomachs, it was time to join the queue for the jet-ski. By then most of those on the excursion had already tried it so we were quickly at the front. The jet-ski was driven by a friendly and funny crew member from Uruguay called Hansi. He had 10 years experience of riding jet-skis so we were in safe hands. First of all Camilla, our intern from Holland had her turn, and filmed the high-speed ride with the TomTom camera which she was able to capture some amazing footage with.





Once she was back on board it was our turn. The power and speed of the jet-ski is incredible, and it really is an awesome experience. They say “do one thing every day that scares you”, and this was certainly true with the jet-ski. Even if you are feeling a little apprehensive, you absolutely must give it a go. Everyone that tried came back with a big smile on their face, and something fun to tell family and friends back home.

The catamaran had been moored for about two and a half hours, and now it was time to set sail back to Puerto Calero. The crew pulled in the anchor, and released the sail, and we were off again passing the beaches of Papagayo, and sailing past the amazing landscape of Lanzarote. Everyone on board seemed very satisfied with the day, and were still talking and laughing, even if they were a little wearier. We were able to film an interview with one of the “pirates” on board, Elias, who like most of the crew was friendly and very funny. He also spoke German, French, English and Spanish fluently which was very impressive to hear!

Upon our arrival back at Puerto Calero all the crew were given an enthusiastic applause from the passengers, after such a fantastic day out. The crew also put out a tips jar with a bell to ring if you add a tip. The passengers clearly enjoyed themselves as there were many 10 euro notes added to the jar. There was enough money for several rounds of drink that evening for the crew; definitely well deserved after all their hard work!

Once off the boat we purchased the photo that had been taken of us at the beginning as a nice reminder of the trip, and got back on our bus which took us back to Costa Teguise. On board we looked over all the great photos and videos we had been able to take, and discussed how much we had enjoyed the excursion.


22021434572_7c851c8c30_k (1)

All in all we fully recommend the Catlanza Catamaran Excursion to Papagayo beach. The crew were great, the food and drink delicious, the activities really fun and the views of Lanzarote and Papagayo beach were awesome. If you are looking for a fun day out with all the family, then this trip is definitely for you!

To book an excursion with Catlanza head to the Out & About Lanzarote website ( You can also follow Catlanza on Facebook and Twitter.



Congratulations to our #MYSANDSBEACH Photography Competition Winner for September, Kim Whitehead

Congratulations to Kim Whitehead, whose photo we have selected as September’s winning photo for our #MYSANDSBEACH photography competition. This was the first month for this year’s competition, and we have already received a number of different photos on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #MYSANDSBEACH. Kim’s photo really highlights some of the excellent features we have here at Sands Beach Resort like our heated laned 25-metre swimming pool, and beautiful sunny weather. We also think Kim looks very stylish and is perfectly posed next to our pool.

If you are staying at Sands Beach Resort, we highly recommend entering our competition as the prize is fantastic. It includes a week of free accommodation (half-board) for two adults and two children, tickets to Rancho Texas, 1 Week Car Rental, and tickets for the Aqua Park in Costa Teguise.


All you have to do to enter is upload your photos of our resort to either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, or Flickr and include the hashtag #MYSANDSBEACH. We will select a winner each month, and these photos will be put forward with an overall winner selected in December 2016.

You can also enter photographs taken by our on-site professional photographer Petra, who specialises in amazing underwater photography.

For more details on the competition and the terms and conditions then click here. Good luck!

My Sands Beach Photography Competition

How does a week of free accommodation (half-board) for two adults and two children at the stunning Sands Beach Resort sound? Well you can win that and more, if you are selected as the winner of our My Sands Beach Photography Competition by using #MYSANDSBEACH on social media!


Each month we will select one winning photo entry chosen from these social media networks:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Flickr

All you have to do is upload your photographs to one (or more) of these social networks using the hashtag #MYSANDSBEACH. Our judges will then select one winner each month from these which will be put forward for the grand prize in December 2016.

As well as entering your own photographs which we know will be amazing, there is also the option to enter photographs taken by our hugely talented professional photographer Petra. At Sands Beach Resort Petra offers photographic services. She specialist in underwater and sport photography which you can view on her website and Flickr page. We are sure you will agree her photography is incredible.

Petra 1


If you decide to have some photographs taken by her at Sands Beach Resort you also have the option to purchase the rights to these photos. You can then upload these photos to the social media network of your choice using #MYSANDSBEACH, and they will be treated as your own photo entry, with the same chance of winning!


Competition Dates:

  • September 2015 – December 2016

Draw Date:

  • 28th December 2016


Full Prize Details:

1 Week Accommodation (Half-Board) for 2 Adults and 2 Children

  • Tickets for Rancho Texas Park (One of the most popular attractions in Lanzarote)
  • 1 Week Car Rental
  • Tickets for the Aqua Park in Costa Teguise


Competition Terms and Conditions:

  • Prize will be subject to availability
  • The competition will be judged by John Beckley and Mark Fountain. The judge’s decisions will be final and there will be no changes once their decisions have been made
  • The prize is not exchangeable for cash or other excursions
  • The prize must be taken in 2017
  • Sands Beach Resort reserves the right to use the winning entries from each month and the overall winning photo in its marketing (website, brochures, social media, posters etc.)



Get out there with your camera or phone, and you could win an amazing week here with us at Sands Beach Resort! What are you waiting for?


Fantastic Flight Prices to Lanzarote just in time for this year’s Lanzarote International Marathon!

If you are eager for another challenge after running competitions back in the Dublin, and you are seeking some winter sun, then come and compete in the Lanzarote International Marathon 2015! The Marathon in Lanzarote is great for the whole family, so can be combined perfectly with a family holiday. This year’s race will take place on Saturday 12th December 2015, a perfect time to beat the winter blues.

For those who have never been to Lanzarote or the Canary Islands before, what are you waiting for? There is small wonder that the islands are often described as having the world’s best climate. While back in the Dublin you will probably be shivering under layers of clothing, in Lanzarote you can still saunter around comfortably in a t-shirt and shorts. Average temperatures at the time of the marathon are 19℃ with almost guaranteed year-round sun!


The Lanzarote Marathon has been designed to be a Marathon For All, so that everyone is welcome and can enjoy running surrounded by the uniqueness of Lanzarote. The entire race takes place along the coast line, so as you run you can take in some beautiful beach and stunning sea views. The views on offer are quite unlike what you will experience in other marathons such as The London or Dublin Marathon. Taking part in the Lanzarote International Marathon will be a unique experience.

So that the Lanzarote International Marathon is much more inclusive there are four distances to choose from:

  • 42 Km (Marathon)
  • 21 Km (Half Marathon)
  • 10 Km
  • 5 Km

For each of these distances the competition will be split into different age brackets, but the races are open to competitors of ages 16 – 70+.


The kids will definitely not feel left out though as on Friday 11th December we have a kids Marathon event called the Buddy’s Marathon, organized by the Sands Beach Resort Buddy’s Club. This has also been split into different distances depending on the age of the child. The age range is from 0 – 17 years old.

The Lanzarote International Marathon is a big event, with an Expo on Thursday 11th December, and food, drink and shopping available throughout the weekend. There will also be photoshoots, workshops, product testing, and a playground for the kids.


If you decide to combine a family holiday with taking part in the Marathon, then a perfect place to stay is at Sands Beach Resort in Costa Teguise. Our hotel is a firm favourite for families, due to our Buddy’s Club for the kids, our private beach, and picturesque swimming pool plazas. It is also an excellent place to stay if you want to stay active before the Marathon, as we have a fully equipped gym, a 25 meter heated laned swimming pool, and safe roads and trails nearby for running and cycling.

The flight prices couldn’t be cheaper either, and seem to have been set perfectly for those wishing to take part in the Marathon. If for example you decided to fly out to Lanzarote on Thursday the 10th December  and  fly back home on Tuesday the 15th December, you can fly for as little as 59€! This is an amazing price, but of course these change all the time so you should book quickly to avoid disappointment.


The Lanzarote International Marathon is an amazing event for all the family in the completely unique setting of sunny Lanzarote. There is no better time to fly out if you want a new challenge, and some guaranteed winter sun. This is the perfect time of year for the Marathon as well as it is not too hot, and not too cold. You can even get in some training before the Christmas eating and drinking period begins! We look forward to welcoming runners of all ages and abilities here in Lanzarote.

For more information about the event take a look at the Lanzarote International Marathon website: