New Sands Beach Resort Promotional Video Filmed by International Filmmaker Mark Fountain

At Sands Beach Resort we are always looking at newer and improved ways to connect with our regular guests, and potential future customers. One of the best ways to do that is through the web and social media. As mentioned in a previous blog post, our website had begun to look a little dated so we decided it needed a total redesign. This includes a far more responsive, easier to use design that includes a booking system that fully incorporates mobile booking. In addition to this there is completely rewritten text, new high quality photos and added information and sections. Video is also a massive part of building a recognised brand these days, and we decided it was definitely time for a new promotional video to really relay to viewers how great Sands Beach Resort is!


Mark Fountain with open water swimmers

Mark Fountain is a professional freelance videographer, photographer and editor from Essex, UK who runs his own company called Fountain Fotos. Mark has worked on many occasions for Sands Beach Resort taking high quality photographs and fantastic films which really showcase what the hotel has to offer. He has been in this business for many years and has extensive experience of working with a variety of different clients both in the UK and abroad. His work really speaks for itself, but Mark is also a friendly, outgoing and positive individual with a huge amount of talent. It is clear that he loves his job and puts maximum effort into all of his projects.

His work ethic and professionalism has clearly been evident while he has been shooting different scenes at the hotel this week. His easy going and positive personality has really allowed him to get the best out of guests and staff that have appeared in different scenes. These scenes have included athletes shopping in our Sailfish Test Centre Shop, guests checking into the hotel, an open water swimming session, families enjoying the private beach, beach volleyball, tennis, couples sipping cocktails, and our much loved Buddy’s club by the Mai Tai pool.


Aquagym in Mai Tai pool

We believe that this new film shot by Mark will really showcase what an amazing place to stay that Sands Beach Resort is. As the film will show the hotel is perfect for families with kids, couples on a romantic break, groups of friends, and amatuer and professional athletes. Within Lanzarote there is also a growing trend towards active families, and guests getting active on their holidays. Sands Beach Resort is perfectly positioned to provide for these families and guests with the excellent fitness facilities and classes that we have available. One of the aims we had for our new video is to show this active side of the hotel which is fast becoming one of our biggest selling points. At Sands Beach Resort we can offer guests a variety of different classes and activities including: Water Zumba, Pilates, Fitball, organised morning runs, open water swimming, and more!

The film will look great as it is being shot in Full HD to really do the beautiful weather and location of Lanzarote full justice. Our guests have been very excited to appear in the film which will be released as soon as possible. It will reach a huge audience as we will be posting it on our new website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and email newsletter. It will also be shared extensively on our other social media channels such as Twitter and Google Plus. Those in this video can definitely look forward to gaining some fame!


Training in our 25m swimming pool

We highly recommend Mark’s amazing filmmaking and photography. You can check out his portfolio on his website: Here you will also be able to find links to all his social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. We really hope you enjoy watching the making off and this film as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!

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