Stunning Sailing Excursion aboard the Catlanza Catamaran!

We  couldn’t  have  asked  for  more  perfect  conditions  for  our  sailing  excursion  aboard  the Catlanza  catamaran. As we arrived for our 8:30am pick­up from the bus  stop  close to Sands Beach Resort, the  sun was already beaming down and the  sky a brilliant  cloudless blue. We were also very lucky too as there was virtually no wind which hopefully meant no big stomach churning waves! Our bus was prompt and the driver friendly. There were several stops made to pick up passengers in Costa Teguise and Puerto del Carmen for both the Catlanza sailing trip, and the Submarine Safari as both are based in Puerto Calero.



As we arrived at the stunning port town of Puerto Calero, we were wowed as always by all the beautiful yachts moored there. They were picture perfect with the clear blue sky, and sparkling water of the port. We headed to the end of the port where the Catlanza catamaran was moored and listened to a few instructions from one of the friendly crew before we boarded.

Once on board we had our photo taken, and then we all sat down to listen to some safety instructions, and what to expect from the excursion. A nice touch was that these instructions were given in various languages such as English, German and French. Lanzarote has tourists from all over the world, so it is unrealistic to expect them all to understand English. It is always great when tourist excursions can accommodate the many non-English speaking visitors to the island. It certainly adds an extra level of professionalism and a more personal touch!

After this we were off, sailing out of the port and on our way to our destination of Papagayo beach near Playa Blanca, in the South-West of the island. There was still very little wind, so the water looked more like a giant swimming pool, as it was so still and calm. If you ever suffer from sea-sickness then hopefully you can sail on a day like this if you choose to take the excursion. The catamaran glided smoothly through the water, and everyone was having a great time. The particular excursion we took was the Gold Family Excursion which offers a fun filled day for all the family. On-board two of the crew are dressed as pirates, and keep the kids entertained with face painting, temporary tattoos and friendly interaction.



While the kids are kept entertained, the adults are able to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful sailing experience along the coast of Lanzarote. There is a wide selection of drinks included in the price of the trip including soft drinks, water, fruit juices, beer, wine, and the infamous Catlanza cocktail which apparently is quite strong. Of course we were there professionally so opted for soft drinks, even though a cold beer or cocktail was tempting!

After about half an hour of smooth, relaxed sailing we arrived off the coast of one of the picturesque Papagayo beaches, where the crew dropped anchor. Once there we were given a few more safety instructions, regarding swimming and the jet-ski which everyone was able to take a turn on. The water was so clear, that even before we entered the water we could see the fish all around the boat. It was an amazing sight to see, and a real indicator of how clean the waters around Lanzarote are. We quickly jumped into the water for a swim, and while it was cold at first it was really refreshing and got warmer as we swam. There were snorkels available for everyone’s use; perfect for experiencing the beauty beneath the waves! From the boat the fish were impressive, but under the water it was literally like entering another world! The size, number and variety of the fish swimming centimetres from our fingertips was incredible. Luckily we had brought along our underwater TomTom video camera to capture all the action in awesome wide angle clarity!






Once we had tired ourselves out from diving off the boat, swimming around, and filming fish, it was time for some lunch. Of course we weren’t expecting five star gourmet food, but we were pleasantly surprised by the quality on offer. There was pasta al dente with either a tuna or vegetable tomato sauce, baguette bread, and healthy salad. It was all very tasty, and seconds were available if anyone was extra hungry. Once again there were as many drinks as you wanted, so everyone was well catered for.

Once we had let the food settle in our stomachs, it was time to join the queue for the jet-ski. By then most of those on the excursion had already tried it so we were quickly at the front. The jet-ski was driven by a friendly and funny crew member from Uruguay called Hansi. He had 10 years experience of riding jet-skis so we were in safe hands. First of all Camilla, our intern from Holland had her turn, and filmed the high-speed ride with the TomTom camera which she was able to capture some amazing footage with.





Once she was back on board it was our turn. The power and speed of the jet-ski is incredible, and it really is an awesome experience. They say “do one thing every day that scares you”, and this was certainly true with the jet-ski. Even if you are feeling a little apprehensive, you absolutely must give it a go. Everyone that tried came back with a big smile on their face, and something fun to tell family and friends back home.

The catamaran had been moored for about two and a half hours, and now it was time to set sail back to Puerto Calero. The crew pulled in the anchor, and released the sail, and we were off again passing the beaches of Papagayo, and sailing past the amazing landscape of Lanzarote. Everyone on board seemed very satisfied with the day, and were still talking and laughing, even if they were a little wearier. We were able to film an interview with one of the “pirates” on board, Elias, who like most of the crew was friendly and very funny. He also spoke German, French, English and Spanish fluently which was very impressive to hear!

Upon our arrival back at Puerto Calero all the crew were given an enthusiastic applause from the passengers, after such a fantastic day out. The crew also put out a tips jar with a bell to ring if you add a tip. The passengers clearly enjoyed themselves as there were many 10 euro notes added to the jar. There was enough money for several rounds of drink that evening for the crew; definitely well deserved after all their hard work!

Once off the boat we purchased the photo that had been taken of us at the beginning as a nice reminder of the trip, and got back on our bus which took us back to Costa Teguise. On board we looked over all the great photos and videos we had been able to take, and discussed how much we had enjoyed the excursion.


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All in all we fully recommend the Catlanza Catamaran Excursion to Papagayo beach. The crew were great, the food and drink delicious, the activities really fun and the views of Lanzarote and Papagayo beach were awesome. If you are looking for a fun day out with all the family, then this trip is definitely for you!

To book an excursion with Catlanza head to the Out & About Lanzarote website ( You can also follow Catlanza on Facebook and Twitter.



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