Superior Health Care on Your Holiday at Hospiten Hospital in Puerto del Carmen

Many people don’t fully appreciate how lucky they are in the UK with the NHS which offers excellent universal healthcare to anyone, whether British or foreign, for free! If you’ve ever been somewhere like the USA, in which all healthcare is private you will appreciate what a luxury this is. While the situation is not anywhere as extreme as in the US, many people wrongly assume that within the European Union they will receive the same level of treatment as back in the UK for free or for minimal cost and this is simply not true. Healthcare is not standardised across the EU, so when you visit Spanish owned Lanzarote on holiday there is a different system to the NHS. While there is public healthcare, it is not of the same quality as that offered by the NHS. Private health care, especially private dental care is favoured by many people, and this type of healthcare is far more common.

Lanzarote has several hospitals but for the level of personalised care, Hospiten private hospital in Puerto del Carmen is one of the best on the island. If you visit one of the public hospitals such as the main hospital in Arrecife not only will you be required to show your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to be able to receive certain types of treatment for free, but also more than likely be able to speak Spanish. There are few translation services available in the public hospitals. There are also restrictions on which treatments you are able to get for free with your EHIC which includes any dental treatment outside of an emergency, and any type of private treatment.


The entrance to Hospiten, in Puerto del Carmen

Hospiten in Lanzarote is part of a group of 16 private hospitals which originated in Tenerife, with approximately 5000 staff. There are many personalised services here which you will not find in other hospitals. There are specialist translators onsite who can speak a variety of languages including English and German to help with explaining treatment needs, issues with insurance papers, and prescription requirements. This kind of service makes a big difference when you are faced with going to a foreign hospital which can often be intimidating. The atmosphere in Hospiten though is friendly, welcoming and very safe. There is a helicopter pad for any emergency situations in which a patient needs to be airlifted to the main hospital in Gran Canaria. A free phone service exists in which doctors from other clinics who are contracted by Hospiten will come and treat you directly in your hotel if needed.


There is a big parking in front of the hospital

The hospital itself is immaculately clean, has excellent facilities and is very modern. If you stay overnight there are private double rooms with two beds. You are almost guaranteed to have a room to yourself, but the extra bed in the room means that family members can stay with you. Each room also has a private bathroom, free wifi, satellite television, slippers, and a toiletries bag. For your meals you have a choice of three different options for both the first and second courses. A variety of different treatment areas exist in the hospital such as a private dental facility, x-ray area with a modern CT scanner, and rehabilitation centre. There are comfortable patient waiting areas with televisions, free wifi and magazines, and a new children’s area with toys to keep the kids entertained. The hospital is set in a beautiful location just outside of Puerto del Carmen next to the golf course, with wonderful sea views.


The views to the golf courses

It is important to remember when you take out health insurance when you are travelling abroad to check the small print and full details. Just because you have taken out private health insurance this doesn’t necessarily mean you are able to use the services of a private hospital such as Hospiten. This often just means that the health insurance is “private” to you. When you take out health insurance such as travel insurance you must specify when you are filling in the online forms that you wish to be able to get treatment at a private hospital. You will then be able to use the excellent treatment offered by Hospiten if necessary without incurring large costs!

If you would like to find out more information about Hospiten Lanzarote such as location and contact details then click here to reach their website.


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