Welcome to the Brand New Sands Beach Resort Website!

Sands Beach Resort is one of the top rated hotels in Lanzarote which is a fantastic achievement considering the strong competition, and that there are over 200 different hotels and apartment complexes on this small island. At the resort though we are always looking at ways to improve and become better for our future guests. We do not rest on our past or present success and always strive for excellent customer service, top class amenities, and to provide the best possible stay. While perfection may not be possible, we are always aiming to progress!

Part of providing excellent customer service is through the implementation of an attractive, user friendly, and fast website, that is optimized for both desktop, tablet and mobile devices. That is why we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Sands Beach Resort website. This is part of our overall mission to become the leader in digital content in Lanzarote and The Canary Islands for hotels. Our digital marketing strategy has already been mentioned internationally on how hotels should market themselves, but we believe we can become even better.

The design of our website has been significantly changed with improved ease of use, especially for mobile devices where a rapidly growing amount of our web traffic now comes from. The new website has been designed by the web design company BookingSuite who we are now working with, and we are extremely pleased with the improvements they have implemented. One of the most important changes is the speedier booking engine run by Booking.com that has been added to the site. This will greatly improve the booking experience of our new guests by making it much easier for guests to book direct and also via mobile. We have employed a new copywriter to add, rewrite and update the text. A professional photographer has also visited us from the UK and taken all new photos to compliment this the new text.

Whether you have used our site before, or it is completely new to you, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on our new website. Your suggestions are something at Sands Beach Resort we always happily welcome, as it helps us to continue to improve. One of the ways you can let us know what you think is to leave a comment below. We also welcome you to connect with us on our social media channels, as this is another great way to interact with our staff and to keep up to date with the latest developments at Sands Beach Resort. We love seeing all your instagram photos, tweets, and Facebook posts, and our team will respond to your social media comments as quickly as possible.

Connect with us on our social media channels here:

We hope you like our new website, and look forward to welcoming you on your arrival here at Sands Beach Resort!

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